Can I keep a Muskie while fishing with FE Guides?

Absolutely not. This is the most unique fishery our state has to offer and these world class fish are worth more alive than they are hanging on a wall. Sorry but no Tigers will be harvested while fishing with FE Guides.

What time of year is best for me to book a trip?

FE Guides operates as a responsible guide service and we do our best attempting to take care of this fishery and not pressure these fish during hot summer months. We offer Ice Fishing trips and Open Water trips.

 Ice out-early Summer: March-mid June. (FE Guides and other responsible anglers will not fish Bluewater is water temps get above 70 degrees)

Fall-early winter: Mid September-November (Some years vary)

What is FE Guides cancellation/refund policy for deposits on trips?

FE Guides requires half the total cost of your trip as a deposit. Cancellations requested within less than 45 days out from your trip will result in no refunds. Cancellations less than 45 days out result in a 10% return fee to offset costs off Credit Card merchant fees. If you do not show up the day of your trip you will not be provided a refund. FE Guides does our best to deal with this on a case by case basis. However, we have so many clients that book trips far in advance of the trip from out of state we also recommend obtaining Travelers Insurance. This will help cover your loss of deposits made with any hotels or guide services you may have scheduled should unforeseen circumstances prevent you from making your trip. here is a link to a provider should your Insurance Agent not provide it:

What kind of gear or line do I need?
Fish Enchantment Guides provides all gear and equipment for all trips.

Will we be safe ice fishing?                                                                                               Absolutely. Fish Enchantment Guides will not take clients out on bad ice. We wait for at least 5″ of ice before we’ll take you out on the water. Up north they drive F-150’s on 5″ of ice if that gives you an idea of how strong that much ice is.

Can I keep other species while fishing with FE Guides?

While fishing for tiger muskies we do catch the occasional trout or catfish and you are welcome to keep those.

Can I purchase any gear from FE Guides?

Fish Enchantment Guides does sell Dead Meat Customs lures and custom painted baits as well as 3/D eyes for lure and flies.

Can I get a discounted trip?

Yes, simply book a trip with FE Guides at the standard rate then write us a testimonial about your trip. Then tell your friends about us and if they book a trip and use you as a reference than you’ll get $100 off your next trip!

Will FE Guides donate a trip to my non-profit organization?

Send any proposals for donations to Matt Pelletier (See Contacts Page) and we’ll do our best to help when we can. FE Guides believes in giving back to our community and has donated and discounted trips to organizations such as The Wounded Warriors Project, Global Opportunities Unlimited, NM Trout, East Mountain High School, A Peaceful Habitation, The WildSheep Foundation, Trout Unlimited, and more so please don’t hesitate to contact us.