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My father and I recently went fishing in New Mexico for our second outing with guide, Matt Pelletier. My father lives in Payson Arizona, and, as a fisherman who lives in the Midwest, I was looking for someone who could take us out to spend a day together doing something that we both love somewhere not far from his home.
Two years ago I found Matt on the internet, contacted him, and we set up a trip. And what a trip it was. We didn’t just catch fish, we caught a lot beautiful fish in a beautiful setting. Matt knew what areas to hit, what techniques and lures would give us our best chance at catching fish, and at the end of the day, that knowledge paid off.
But that’s not all that we got out of the trip. Matt goes out of his way to meet each of his clients specific needs and is very perceptive at reading and understanding what they are really trying to get out of the trip. He spent extra time helping my father, who doesn’t fish very often, get comfortable with the gear and techniques, while taking a hands off approach with me, someone who spends a lot of time out on the water.
He also made the day about us, and though Matt and I both had long and fascinating conversations and stories revolving around fishing, he also spent time engaging in conversations on other topics with my dad, as well as leaving plenty of time for my father and I to talk and share some special moments as well. That was the one thing that I appreciated above all the rest, because that was the real reason for the trip. Spending time with my dad.
And so this year, when I planned a trip out west to see dad, I didn’t hesitate to call Matt once again, and once again he didn’t disappoint. Cold, windy, cloudy weather made the day a little tougher this time around, and the fish were a little more tight lipped, but Matt was up to the task. He kept us entertained on a cold and gray day with his humor, he pushed us to try techniques that we both were not familiar with and he changed tactics and lures until he found what presentation would work.
And it paid off. Again. This year I got exactly what I was looking for. Quality time on the water doing what I love with my father, and a wonderful photo of me and my Dad with a beautiful fish that I will treasure forever.
Thank you Matt. For the fish and the memories. We will be back again.
Todd and Paul Mineart
Todd and Paul Mineart
Just a note to say thanks. Very seldom does a Dad get to hear his son say ” we need to go fishing” but when Zach, 18 and just graduated from high school, asked I knew it would be a special time. I have always cherished my time Zach but this my friend was and over the top experience. Zach and I are still talking about it and he can’t stop telling his friends about how much fun we had.  Thank you so much for the time you spent with him and the help you provided. Your coaching teaching and encouragement have given him the confidence to make fly fishing a life long pursuit. We can’t wait to book with you again and continue our quality father son time.
Thank you again for everything. I have fished in a lot of places and with a lot of folks but your the BEST my friend. Again, we really enjoyed the trip and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Some guides take you fishing but you created an experience that will be a life time memory for both Zach and myself.
Doc & Zach Proctor Snyder Texas
After spending a few thousand dollars and landing one Muskie during a 4 day 2018 Canadian fishing trip, I hooked up with fishing guide Matt Pelletier at Bluewater Lake in New Mexico.
9 muskies caught (and released) and another 5 that kink of released themselves prior to getting to the boat made for a seriously intense 6 hour Muskie outing (my friend and I had to leave early!)  Matt himself is very personable, and provided great tips on techniques peculiar to Muskie fishing.  New Mexico, and tiger Muskie ….who knew?  The 2 and a half hour drive made for a day trip from Santa Fe, arriving back in Santa Fe by 5; 30 PM!  In spite of some serious periods of intense action, there were as you might expect some quiet periods of no action- But Matts personality and the discussions and kidding around a bit made those intervals enjoyable.
The most important skill that Matt provided was great knowledge and instinct as to where the fish were most likely to be, and “at what window of time”.  That quote is kind of an inside joke- because after catching 4 or 5 Muskie in a one hour period in the flats- where Muskie in two feet of water were exploding with surface action all around us- during the “window of time” Matt had indicated earlier- the action suddenly shut off.  After 10 minutes of no action- Matt’s music could be heard repeatedly singing a song with the repeated verse “the window’s gone”.  We did not know Matt was so well connected.  Bottom line – I heartily recommend spending a day with Matt!



Michael Perle
My husband and I fished with Matt in May of 2018, or more precisely……… Joe fished and I rode along taking photos as I typically do. A very experienced fly –fisherman, with 2 saltwater grand-slams under his belt, Joe had a great time under Matt’s guidance. Matt worked hard and was constantly on alert for fish.  His depth of knowledge was amazing; his guiding skill set beyond reproach; his personality a riot; and his boat was extremely comfortable. Matt was very conscientious of his customers but also conscientious of the fishery and the fish …..… something you expect of a top notch guide. Matt is a muskie fanatic and explained why folks in the North have such a low success rate. Apparently if you want to catch (tiger) muskie, your chances are best here in NM!!  Joe caught some beautiful fish and a great day was had by all. We’ve recommended Matt to all our fisherfriends and would use him again without hesitation…to include at Cow Creek when we head up there for some trout fishing.
Christy & Joe Kern- New Mexico