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“This was by far one of the most fun fishing experiences we have ever had. Tiger Muskie in New Mexico? You better believe it! There were two boats in our group and of course we ended up fishing on what was arguably one of the windiest days ever! In spite of the weather we still caught close to 20 Tiger Muskie between our two boats! The average fish we caught was between 30-40 inches with the biggest of the day coming in at 42 inches! 

Our guides were very respectful and professional from start to finish. They provided top notch gear including reels, rods, lures, boats, and of course great advice! They even made us an amazing lunch which we ate on the boat right in the middle of the lake. 

Tiger Muskie are amazing fish and you better know what you’re doing when fishing for these. We were so glad to be out on the water with guides who knew what they were doing. These fish are so strong, have lots of teeth, and are a thrill to reel in! However, getting them off the hook is a different story! Our guides handled the fish with ease and allowed us all to get great pictures with our catch! We can’t wait to go back next time. We would recommend FE Guides to anyone looking for the thrill of a lifetime. If time permitted we would be back every weekend to do it again and again. Thanks again so much for an incredible adventure.”

Brandon, Wayne, Chase, & Zak - NM

I will for forget my name before I will forget how much fun I had on the water with Matt and Doug. I for sure, had a lifetime of great fishing on Bluewater. We laughed, missed a few, had three fish on at once, ate good, and slept good at the end of the day. This was the Muskie “Perfect Storm”
I treasure the day I met you on line. I cannot wait until we can do this again. I am already excited about when I can bring my best friends from Minnesota down here to share this with me.

Bill Balcom - New Mexico

I was privileged to have Matt Pelletier and FE Guides guide my bosses and I on a tiger muskie fishing trip at Bluewater Lake Spring of 2014. Matt’s experience and knowledge of tiger muskies was unprecedented! On our trip, the State had just stocked the lake with several thousand rainbow trout which made muskie fishing extremely difficult. Matt was able to figure out what the muskies were looking for and we ended up catching several muskies that day. Matts boat was well kept, clean and if there were any issues with a rod or your line, Matt swapped you out right away. An amazing lunch and drinks were also provided with the service. Great price, great service, great people, lots of fun and an experience I will long remember! I would recommend Matt and FE Guides to anyone! You can fish trout in just about any lake in New Mexico. The tiger muskie experience was awesome!!

Gus Harbaugh - New Mexico

I put this trip back together about 6 months ago with Fish Enchantment Guides. Speaking with head guide and owner Matt Pelletier about the fishery, looking at moon phases and getting clearance from the Queen of the house, I got a kitchen pass for a quick weekend trip. David Goodrich did a great job of putting me on fish and teaching me everything he knew about Tiger Musky. They are an awesome fish and Bluewater lake is an awesome little fishery. Matt and David are top notch folks that I am glad to call friends. It is always nice when one goes fishing and walks away with new friends and memories that will last a life time. It is defiantly a place I will be back to and I couldn’t recommend FE Guides enough.


Casey Ryan - Dallas Texas